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GAMMA ORYZANOL- The amazing nutrient!


A standard model of tissue free radical damage is liver necrosis caused by carbon tetrachloride. Gamma oryzanol fed to rats at a dose of 100mg/kg 6 hours before exposure to carbon tetrachloride prevented half of the mortality, half of the decrease in cytochrome P450 levels and completely prevented lipid peroxidation of the liver.

When rats were fed oxidized, rancid oil, significant growth reduction, red blood cell hemolysis and reduced polyunsaturated fatty acid levels were seen. Addition of gamma oryzanol to the rancid oil restored growth to normal, prevented red blood cell hemolysis and maintained normal tissue polyunsaturated fatty acids levels.

Finally, when 300mg of gamma oryzanol per day was given for 4 – 8 weeks to 40 women with elevated serum lipid peroxide levels, a significant lowering to almost normal levels was seen. This shows that gamma oryzanol can provide useful antioxidant activity in humans when taken orally.

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This is a function of antioxidant’s free radical scavenging potential as cancer is recognized as a free-radical pathology. Predicting cancer risk is difficult at best due to the complexity of the disease development. Some considerations are which carcinogens are encountered, what dose over what time period, subject response, stress and dietary effects, amounts of exogenous and endogenous antioxidants present, etc., etc.

Active carcinogens are electron deficient molecules (free radicals). These molecules react with electron rich molecules such as DNA, RNA, protein and membranes leading to genetic damage; loss of cell function and potential cell death; and cancer.

Those consuming diets high in fruits and vegetables present lower incidence of major cancers. 9Research has identified numerous compounds in plants that are anticarcinogens such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, cysteine and phenolic acids.10 Ferulic acid (part of the gamma oryzanol molecule) is a phenolic acid.

Let’s look at the activity of ferulic acid in preventing the conversion of nitrites to nitrosamines, a known carcinogen. Nitrites (sodium nitrite) are widely used as food preservatives to maintain color and prevent the growth of pathogens. Nitrosamines are continually formed and excreted by the human body, but consumption of nitrite preserved foods can lead to as much as 100 times the expected nitrosamine load.

At acidic pH, nitrites can react with many compounds to produce nitrosamines. Because of its acidic pH, the stomach is believed to be the major site of nitrosamine formation from nitrites. Ferulic acid has been shown to prevent formation of nitrosamine from nitrites both in vitro and in vivo in humans and mice.12 13 It is 10 times more potent than equal amounts of vitamin C. Ferulic acid is one of many dietary phenolic acids that can block the actions of certain carcinogens. It can directly prevent the formation of nitrosamine from nitrites in humans. Its action is thought to be due to its ability to inhibit the activity of cytochrome P450 mixed function oxidases.


In a study conducted at the Gunma University School of Medicine in Maebashi, Japan, 29 patients with chronic gastritis were given 300mg of gamma oryzanol daily for four weeks. This protocol was effective in reducing nausea, fatigue, and post meal discomfort and fullness in 75% of the patients tested.14 A second study conducted at the University compared 13 patients with chronic gastritis to 7 normal controls.15 The same protocol was used for four weeks with

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surprising results. Gamma oryzanol administration reduced serum gastrin levels to 75% of pre- administration levels for gastritis patients, but did not affect gastrin levels in the healthy controls. THAT’S INCREDIBLE! The mechanism of activity seems to be normalization of autonomic nervous system function, specifically the vagus nerve, by altering brain neuron catecholamine levels.


Several studies have shown gamma oryzanol to be as effective as many drugs in reducing objective, systemic effects of stress. Normalization (rather than suppression) of the autonomic nervous system is the proposed mechanism of action of gamma oryzanol in reducing stress.

Some of the complaints gamma oryzanol has been used to help are menopausal disturbances, head injuries, stomatitis, hormonal imbalances, non-specific psychogenic complaints, atrophic gastritis, stomach ache, loss of appetite, nausea, heartburn, fatigue, insomnia, palpitations, dizziness, headaches and lumbago.

Doses of Gamma Oryzanol used to treat the above complaints were from 25mg to 300mg daily.


Since gamma oryzanol is a chemical cousin to cholesterol, it makes sense that interactions between the two can occur in the body. Several studies have shown that when phytosterols (gamma oryzanol is a phytosterol) are fed with cholesterol containing meals, they inhibit the intestinal absorption of cholesterol from dietary and endogenous synthesis sources.
17 18 Phytosterols work by forming an unabsorbable 1:1 complex with cholesterol molecules and by making cholesterol less soluble in bile.19 This means cholesterol will not be as readily absorbed by the intestinal cells and passes out of the body through the G.I. tract along with the unabsorbed phytosterols.

To inhibit cholesterol absorption, a ratio of 2:1 phytosterol to cholesterol must be achieved. It must be present at the same time as the cholesterol meal. In humans, this would work out to a minimum of 300mg of gamma oryzanol with the cholesterol containing meal. Higher doses do not result in a greater reduction of cholesterol levels. (Research indicates a normalizing as opposed to an inhibitory effect on HMG Co A reductase by gamma oryzanol.)

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A family of releasing and release-inhibiting peptides secreted by the hypothalamus controls hormone secretion by the anterior pituitary.
Norepinephrine is the neurotransmitter for the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system. This neurotransmitter is synthesized from the amino acid tyrosine. It is degraded primarily by the enzyme catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) into an inactive metabolite (normetanephrine). This is a continual, normal metabolic event of nerve cells. The chemical structure of ferulic acid and normetanephrine is strikingly similar. When ferulic acid (recall that gamma oryzanol is metabolized to ferulic acid) is present with COMT enzymes, a feedback inhibition may occur because of the similarity in structure between ferulic acid and the COMT metabolite normetanephrine. The net result is a slowing of COMT activity. Less COMT activity means less norepinephrine degradation, resulting in higher levels of norepinephrine and more effect from norepinephrine. In addition, it appears that ferulic acid may compete with norepinephrine for binding to COMT enzymes since these enzymes can also metabolize ferulic acid.20 The net result is less COMT activity and more norepinephrine.


Pituitary hormones regulate the other endocrine glands. Secretions of these other endocrines control such functions as reproduction, growth, immune response and metabolism resulting in homeostasis (balance, normal function).

To make a long story short, gamma oryzanol exerts its influence on the autonomic nervous system (including the hypothalamus) not the endocrine glands specifically, as has already been presented. This is irrespective of the sex of the subject, male or female. In two studies conducted at the Gunma University Hospital in Maebashi Japan, gamma oryzanol was administered to normal subjects and patients suffering from primary hypothyroidism. No effects on TSH levels in the normal subjects were observed, but the hypothyroid patients had serum TSH levels reduced to 75% of basal values. Further investigations found no effect on the pituitary or thyroid, but hypothalamic effects mediated the observed changes.


Gamma oryzanol is a plant sterol. It can exert steroid like activity if the subject is physically active (is exercising). An unpublished study by Bucci, L., Stiles, J., Sparks, W., and DeLuca, D., 1987, compared anabolic steroid users to those athletes supplemented with gamma oryzanol. Initially, the anabolic steroid users showed greater gains in girth measurements, but by 16 weeks, the gamma oryzanol users exhibited greater girth measurement increases that all steroid users, without ANY side effects! And the dose for gamma oryzanol is low, 75mg to 150mg a day.

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The beneficial effects of gamma oryzanol on the skin are at least equal to that of vitamin E. Research indicates this effect is achieved through topical application of gamma oryzanol containing creams. Creams claiming to contain gamma oryzanol are available in the market place today. They may be expensive for the patient to obtain, and a good quality vitamin E cream may be effective for much less cost.


Consider using TESTEROL-O at a dose of from 75mg to 500mg daily.

A dose of 300mg to 600mg daily may be required for therapy. Consider using Gastrazymewhich provides 100mg of gamma oryzanol per tablet along with vitamin U and chlorophyll. Other nutrients to consider in this application are Argizyme which provides the enzyme arginase;Intenzyme Forte for its immune support properties and anti-inflammatory activity; Co Q Zyme 30, which supplies 30mg of emulsified Co Enzyme Q 10, which Folkers and Judy found to be the best all around prophylactic against cancer; and Mixed EFA’s.

2 – 3 tablets before each meal and Drink adequate pure water daily.

2 tablets TESTEROL-O or ESTEROL with breakfast and 1 with lunch.

3 tablets of TESTEROL-O or ESTEROL before and after daily workout.

greater gains in muscle size and strength