The ULTIMATE Product For Men

If you've been looking for the ULTIMATE PRODUCT that will get you feeling more YOUTHFUL, STRONGER, and with a HUGE LIBIDO BOOST, here it is!
Testerol-o is for YOU if you want :

  • A drastic libido boost
  • Increased muscle strength and quicker recovery after workouts
  • A better more restful sleep
  • A sense of calm and well being throughout the day
  • Help in weight loss and toning/buffing the body

Clinical tests have also shown that Testerol-o:

  • May help to treat high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels.
  • May have anticancerous properties.
  • May be useful for treatment of menopausal symptoms
  • May be useful for various digestive disorders such as stomach ulcers, gastritis and IBS.
  • May help repair muscle damage.

Here's what a 3 times amateur
master champion says about Testerol-o

The Facts by Joseph Bruni, M.D. One study, performed at the Milwaukie Sports Clinic in Milwaukie, Oregon compares anabolic Steroid users (subjects self-administered these agents against doctors advice) to athletes using a supplement containing 5mg of Gamma Oryzanol. Both groups were engaged in weight lifting over a six month period.Girth measurements were recorded every 8 weeks initially, anabolic steroid users showed greater gains in girth measurement but by 16 weeks those using the supplement with gamma oryzanol exibited greater girth measurements than all steroid users and had greater muscle definition and leaner appearances than steroid users.

Testerol-o is an all natural testosterone booster with a secret super potent active ingredient.

Imagine a single nutrient that scientific studies show possesses the following properties : anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-ulcer, anti-stress, lipotrophic effects, hypothalamic effects, endocrinological effects, athletic benefits and benefits to the skin similar to Vitamin E.

What is this amazing nutrient with such wide-ranging power? It is something called Gamma Oryzanol.

As we get older, men naturally show a decrease in testerone levels. Testerol-o will help roll back the clock by providing that testosterone boost that the body naturally loses over time.

greater gains in muscle size and strength

Here's a few remarks about taking supplements with Testerol-o's active potent ingredient:

>>Great product.... labido was through the roof and I slept like a baby!

>>this stuff really works. ran a 30 day log and hit some great PR's. the libido increase is a bonus as well

>>During the use I noticed an increase in libido the very first week. I'd say within about 3 days it gave me that urge. Week 2 and Week 3 I really noticed the strength gains. . My sleep pattern became a little more normal and seemed to really get me into a deep sleep. Overall this is a solid test booster. I would recommend this to anyone training to get a some strength a add on a little more size.

>>This was my first natural test booster, and it worked great. My log is in the Sponsored Supplement Log section of the Supplement forum. I got a free bottle to review, and although I was very skeptical of any test booster , it really did work. I felt an increase of aggression, sex drive, and strength in the second week. I'm not sure exactly how it works, all I know is that it does. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a testosterone increase without breaking the law.

>>Excellent product! After a week I started noticing much improved sleep along with my libido being off the charts. I also noticed more energy in the gym with some strength increase. Overall it's a great product I will definitely use again.

The New England Journal of Medicine (4th July 1996 issue) revealed that men using testosterone boosters and exercising using weights, gained nearly double the lean body mass of their counterparts who trained but werenít supplementing with testosterone. The study even revealed that men who took testosterone and didnít even train with weights gained more muscle than their regular weight training (non-testosterone supplementing) counterparts.

The conclusion to be drawn from this study is that taking testosterone, testerone boosters and relaxing appears to produce greater gains in muscle size and strength than training hard in the gym & not taking testosterone !

Testerol-o is an all natural compound that has been scientifically as well as clinically proven to naturally increase testosterone levels. It also has been found to release more endorphins that lower stress and cortisol levels. The increase in testosterone and endorphins aids in the growth of lean muscle tissue while burning off fat without the harmful side effects of steroids or pro-hormone and andro products.

Testerol-o is specifically designed to work in conjunction with bodybuilders and athletes in every aspect of their routine. Testerol-o is the most powerful ALL NATURAL product made. It can be absorbed NATURALLY by the human body with no side effects.

Based on tolerances, take one capsule in the morning with food. Take one capsule 30 minutes prior to workout with food. Professional athletes may take 2 capsules before training.